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Important Announcement by Paul Stenning t/a S&P Technology

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Over the past few months, I have been in discussions with Tom Keeping, Managing Director at The Trusted Word Ltd (a marketing agency, also based in Bournemouth) about the future of both of our businesses.

Tom and I have worked on several projects together over the past couple of years. Our complimentary qualities have become apparent over recent months, and our discussions have led to something that I am very pleased to announce.

From 1st June 2015 my business, S&P Technology, is being acquired by The Trusted Word Ltd and I will begin working for them.

Although all of S&P Technology’s clients will become clients of The Trusted Word, I would like to assure you on behalf of both myself and Tom that nothing negative will come of this. The joint power of our two companies will enable us to provide a wider range of services, while increasing our efficiency and offering quicker timeframes for better quality products.

26-32 Oxford Road, Bournemouth

The Trusted Word, a design-led agency, will open up the world of graphic design and will ensure that every website we create looks beautiful, functions well and achieves everything that you want it to – and more.

This is also an exciting time for The Trusted Word as they have just moved into a brand new office in Lansdowne, right in the heart of Bournemouth, just a couple of minutes walk from the main railway, coach and taxi station. The office is based in an iconic building, built by McCarthy and Stone in the 1980s, and now being fully refurbished for the 21st century.

The Trusted Word’s new office address is: The Trusted Word Ltd, Suite 1, Floor 1, 26-32 Oxford Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8EZ.

My new email address will be: p.stenning@thetrustedword.com

Speaking personally, I am really looking forward to this. As well as being a great recognition of what I have built and achieved over the last ten years as S&P Technology, it will also allow me to spend more time doing the web development and coding (which I really enjoy) instead of having to deal with business admin and finances (which I don’t enjoy!). Working for an employer at an office will also help to improve my work-life balance.

I have already informed all my clients of this change, and we will contact you individually in early June to discuss the specific arrangements for your business. We will of course do all that we can to make the transition as hassle-free as possible.

For all new enquiries please contact The Trusted Word directly. Their website is http://www.thetrustedword.com

Thank you for your business and support.

Paul Stenning
22nd May 2015